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 Material Quantity Record Sheet Template XLS is a template for MS Excel. The way it works is you can either open the Microsoft Office application on your computer or download the template from the Microsoft Office website. You will then need to install the template on your computer by clicking on "Start" button => "Normal" tab, then double-click on "Software", and on the next screen choose "Install/Uninstall". After this you should click on "OK". When you are installing the template, you should note that there are two options available.

Material Quantity Record Sheet Template

About Material Quantity Record Sheet Template

First of all, the main intention behind using a material quantity record sheet template XLS is that when you have finished using the document in the spreadsheet application, you can then use the spreadsheet application to update the material quantities. For example, say that you have written down the material quantities for a material item of your product. After finishing the writing you can then import these into the spreadsheet. If you were to sell this item at a later date, the quantity would be updated accordingly in the spreadsheet.

Secondly, you can also use the templates to record the material quantities as well as the specifications of each material type. For example, if you want to record the material quantities for an item in which you manufacture, you can either do it manually or you could just import the data into your spreadsheet. In either case, it is necessary to ensure that the spelling of the material names is correct. You could just capitalize the letters of the materials, for example "PVC" instead of just "Plastic". If you want to record the specifications, you just need to enter the data as it appears on the packaging, so for example "ASTM STD 8 Certified". This makes the process of reviewing the documentation that much easier for both the manufacturer and the warehouse management.

The third way to use a take-off sheet template is when you are preparing for an audit or inspection. These forms can help you prepare the documentation easily and speedily. You could simply import all the required data or you could just label each sheet with the model name, quantity, identification number or code and then enter the data. The benefit of doing this is that the audit manager will not have to spend too much time going through the same information twice. If the audit manager is using Microsoft Excel, he could create a table or chart from the material specification data and just make some copies or merges in between them to form his own version of the take-off sheet. Of course, he can modify the format as well.

Feature Material Quantity Record Sheet Template

Material quantity auditing is not only advantageous for manufacturers and warehouses, but also for auditors and inspectors. The templates allow them to just skim over the whole sheet and jump to the section they are more interested in. This helps in better organization and speeds up their work. This is because they no longer have to cross-check information or deal with irrelevant fields and items. The take-off sheet template has already taken care of this for you.

A company using the template can also save a lot of money, time and effort. They no longer have to call suppliers or purchase more materials than necessary. Suppliers can contact the company directly and negotiate price discounts, if there are any. Inspection authorities could use the templates as well, without having to visit the actual site.

Using Material Quantity Record Sheet Template

Using the material quantity recording system in places where there is no manual recording system is very practical. For example, it can be very useful if your manufacturing plant is situated overseas and you need to ship your raw materials to your final processing plant. You would want to get an accurate tabulated record sheet for every delivery, so that you do not mistake for other items in the shipment. This kind of Template can greatly simplify your material quantity auditing work, making your job much easier.

Quality document management software comes with the capability to import GP, EDI, ITR and PADI records. Most come with a function to export to Excel. You should try to find one that comes with a user-friendly document editor, so that you can easily edit and customize the sheets. Also check the list of functions, so that you can immediately use them when you import a file.

Download Material Quantity Record Sheet Template

Material Quantity Record Sheet Template


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