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 A Material Quantity Request (MR) is a document that is required when submitting a material request to the U.S. supplier of the item you need. In essence, it is a request for a quote or request for quote; it is essentially an item number or code that verifies the materials requested and verifies whether the requested item can be fulfilled. The Item Quantity Request (UV) should then be entered into the Materials Quantity Verification (MV) system. A good example of a MVV code is "0015".

Material Quantity Record Sheet Template

Detail Material Quantity Record Sheet Template

When your material request reaches the required U.S. supplier the Quantity Verification System will check to see if this is indeed the case. It will first ask you for the item number you are requesting and then, if applicable, it will ask you to enter the quantity you are looking for. If the request was for one unit, you would enter "00". If however, your material request was for ten units, you would simply enter "10000".

Once the Quantity Verification System has been initiated, you will receive a number back called the "qs". These are items that were checked during the verification process. If all items are checked, then your supplier should be able to give you a quote. But unfortunately, sometimes the suppliers do not supply you with the needed product quantities. In such cases, you will need to use the excel template below to help you calculate the quantities of your requested items:

This calculation is done once the supplier inputs all relevant information such as the vendor name and product code. After which, it will automatically update your worksheet so you can easily view the product information in real time. If you want to know more about the specifics of how this works, you can access the website of the vendor where the product was procured.

Use Material Quantity Record Sheet Template

This can also be used in situations when you have already selected a certain product from a list of many available ones. The problem is that you cannot see whether the item you are buying actually meets the specifications of the contract you have with the suppliers. For example, it might have sold out or it might be defective. Either way, this is the ideal place to find out if there is any scope of exception.

Material Quantity Verification Template Excel Free is a very helpful tool in this regard because it ensures that the product that you are procuring actually meets the requirements laid down by your contract. This makes it easier for you to ensure that you only pay for what you require. Moreover, it can provide accurate quotes without even entering in any other information. It is very helpful to business owners who need to acquire numerous stocks of a particular item over a short period of time. Using a sheet template can help them reduce their efforts considerably.

The material contract, in case you are not aware, is a standard and legally binding agreement between a company and a supplier. The terms of the agreement will specify the responsibility of each party involved in terms of ensuring that the goods sold do not cause damage to the environment. The contract must define the levels of material used and its sources. It also requires both parties to define their responsibilities in terms of keeping track of inventory levels. Most importantly, it is mandatory that the parties must develop and maintain a regular inventory of raw materials so as to avoid the possibility of material shortage.

The supplier's side of the contract will have a section where it will specify their obligations and liabilities. These obligations and liabilities become legally binding once the contract is duly signed and the delivery date is confirmed. In terms of a spreadsheet, a supplier's obligation will appear as a set of number of items being supplied by them on a monthly basis. It is essential to identify these items and to keep an eye on their inventories so as to ensure that they are not behind schedule.

Download Material Quantity Record Sheet Template

Material Quantity Record Sheet Template


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