Building Maintenance Record Sheet Template

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 Every building, whether it is a residential home, commercial building or even office space needs to be maintained. This is necessary because your property must be properly maintained for the safety and health of the people living inside. For this, property maintenance log is required in most states. This template can serve as an ideal building maintenance record keeping resource. This type of document is basically a record detailing all repairs, construction updates and other activities related with the upkeep of a given property.

Building Maintenance Record Sheet Template

Detail Building Maintenance Record Sheet Template

Typical Property Maintenance Log

A typical property maintenance log contains the following information. 

The name of the person who is responsible for property maintenance

The address of the property owner and any contact numbers should also be included. In cases where a phone number is not included, you can easily include a P.O box number or an email address.

The list of the duties pertaining to each duty

These duties should be clearly stated including frequency, days when they are to be performed, the number of hours or days that is required and when the obligation ends. In addition to this, the property maintenance record sheet template also includes a copy of the latest maintenance contract. The contract should be used as reference in case there are changes in the maintenance schedule.

The list of materials that need to be used in carrying out each duty

The list must include all equipment that is required for this duty. It may include all necessary tools and equipment that can be rented or bought. It may also include materials that are used in repairing or in building construction. The list is usually made on the basis of the current state of repair of the property maintenance log.

A list of all workers who are involved in the work of carrying out the duties

This is usually done on the basis of the classification given to each of these workers. The categories may include supervisors, operators, machine operators, maintenance engineers and electricians. The list is followed by a brief summary of the duties. This is an important part of the property maintenance log because it serves as an effective way of communication between the owners and the employees concerned.

A final list of all the workers 

that have been employed in carrying out the duties concerned with the property maintenance record sheet template. 

This information is usually included in the annual performance appraisal report. This report also helps in the planning and budgeting of the upcoming year. This helps in avoiding the redundancy of any employee concerned with building maintenance.

A brief description about the building maintenance record sheet template itself

This is usually found under the heading 'Record Sheet'. This part provides a brief description about the general aspects of the building maintenance and also highlights the key areas where improvement can be made. 

It also gives the specifications and basic details relating to the different types of maintenance services carried out in the business. This should be used along with the annual performance appraisal report so as to make the necessary changes in the schedule of work and perform necessary checks. This helps in ensuring that the annual report is complete and up-to-date.

The various types of services carried out in the business should be listed separately

For example, there are differences between window cleaning, painting, exterior painting, snow removal and foundation repair. This is usually done on the basis of the number of employees who will perform the job or the type of services required. The building maintenance record sheet template helps to create a system of categorizing the different types of work performed by an employee or a team within the organization.

Download Building Maintenance Record Sheet Template

Building Maintenance Record Sheet Template

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