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I bought these "surf-n-turf" shoes before my trip to Belize, where I had planned to be at the west coast of the country and the in-land jungles for hiking on hard and challenging terrains. These shoes are so comfortable that they make you feel like your feet have morphed and undergone an evolution where you become an amphibian that can transition from land to water with ease. I climbed over rocks and slippery surfaces, leaving no stone unturned in the beautiful jungles of Belize. No height was out of reach and I felt invincible.

A previous review had mistakenly said that these feet protectors "fit too small". That person did not try and test them the way I did. They fit the way they're mean to fit. When you order them, order the exact size that you are because I made the mistake of ordering half a size bigger (due to said review) and then I was forced to hear the squeaky sounds of my feet in the shoes.

Luckily I did not mind, for the place where I was was glorious, and it sounded like monkeys at a distance..only it was my shoes. The shoes are rated to withstand the shock load of carrying the most dangerous of jungle animals - a.k.a young adult Caucasian females that have been impaired during a treacherous hike. While I am not at liberty to discuss the rated capacity of said load, I can safely promote the integrity of these feet covers during this very difficult task, walking upstream, on slipper rocks, whilst hearing the angry calls of a female and her wounded ego.
These feet miracle workers will dry at a relative quick speed. Commoners that did not have the same shoes experienced blisters around their ankles. I laughed in the face of these unfortunates because these All Out Blaze Sieve Water-Land shoes have a built-in pad ankle protection, expertly made, that even Achilles himself would sign off on.
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