How to Wash Your Face With Fermented Rice Water 2020

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How to Wash Your Face With Fermented Rice Water originating from Asia developed by experts. how to clean your face with rice is a natural way and has no side effects such as chemicals, and the method is very simple.
How to Wash Your Face With Fermented Rice Water 2019

There are many questions about face masks using rice, namely:

How long do you leave rice water on your face? Answer 15 minutes enough, 

Can I leave rice water in my hair overnight? answer overnight no problem

Can you leave rice water on your face? answer no problem, this naturally

How do I whiten my skin with rice water? 

How to treat your face with rice

Can Rice Water Go Bad

Choose Rice

first, choose good rice, white rice, yellow rice or jasmine rice. take the rice water and use it for face masks.

Add 1/2 cup (92.5 g) of rice to the bowl.

if you want to make a lot of rice water can increase the amount of rice poured and also add water to produce a lot of rice water too. rice water can last up to 1 week.

Wash Rice

pour the rice with clean water and stir until the rice droppings come out. strain the rice and put it in an empty bowl. repeat the step a second time.

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Mash Rice

Next is to pound the rice clean until soft, then give enough water to use a face mask at night. let stand for 15 minutes and wash your face with clean water.
How to Wash Your Face With Fermented Rice Water 2019

Pat your face with a towel

After you rinse it, pat pat your face with a soft towel to avoid bacteria that will attack your facial skin.

That's the way to clean your face with rice, this method is effective for tightening the skin of the face and makes the skin look shiny white.

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